Netflix: The Content King

Netflix, the prolific streaming service that was once known only by their abundant variety of content, is now one of the worlds most successful content producers. With over US$20.0 billion in annual revenue in 2019, the Netflix brand has continued to surpass expectations, taking only 22 years to reach this milestone. As the streaming industry continues to explode with competition from Disney+ to Prime video, … Continue reading Netflix: The Content King

The Economic Impact of Pandemics

By, Joshua Barzola In the era of social media, everyone has already heard about the Coronavirus (CoV). With the virus spreading globally, especially in mainland China, the question remains: what will be the economic impact of the outbreak? According to World Health Organization, the term CoV represents a large family of viruses that cause symptoms ranging from a simple cold to more dangerous viruses such … Continue reading The Economic Impact of Pandemics

Apple’s Diversification Push

By Joshua Barzola Since Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) initial public offering back in 1980, the company has become a must have, blue-chip stock. However, can the technology giant continue its large stock appreciation from the past year? Or will the highly competitive and stagnant smartphone market begin to affect the company’s valuation? In terms of the technology sector, the majority of companies can be extremely volatile in … Continue reading Apple’s Diversification Push

The State of Value Investing

By, Robert J. Moss Questions about the durability of value investing continue to be raised by the media as the decade-long bull market rages on. Sustained high valuations have limited investment opportunities for value investors, marking a structural change in the market and the death of value investing to some commentators. Value investing was codified by former Columbia University professor, Benjamin Graham in his book, … Continue reading The State of Value Investing

Cineplex Takeover Means Unlimited Movies

By, Lilian Jin Canada’s largest movie chain has agreed to be acquired by the UK chain Cineworld for C$2.8 billion, pending shareholder approval. As Cineplex faces declining attendance and stiff competition from streaming services, what will the takeover mean for Canadians? On Monday, December 16, 2019, U.K. giant Cineworld Group PLC offered to buyout Cineplex Inc. at C$34.00 per share, a 42.0% premium over its … Continue reading Cineplex Takeover Means Unlimited Movies

2020: The Year of Tesla?

By, Brett Scully After years of countless production hiccups, Gigafactory 3, Tesla’s new Chinese production plant, is officially in full force as the new Shanghai plant began production and delivery in early 2020.  With this new plant already on pace to produce over 1,500 Model 3s per week, Tesla’s entry into China, the largest electric vehicle (EV) market in the world, is a massive step … Continue reading 2020: The Year of Tesla?

We Are Hiring Staff Writers!

The Financial Marauder is hiring Staff Writers to expand our newsletter coverage. We are looking for three individuals from any program and level interested in finance or business that would enjoy writing for the club. About Us:The Financial Marauder is a student-run finance publication. Every Tuesday, we publish our weekly newsletter with articles written by our Leadership Team, and member contributions. We’re passionate about finance … Continue reading We Are Hiring Staff Writers!